Steve and Simone have each been hiking for years, and now they hike together.

This blog chronicles their journey from avid day-trippers to committed, backcountry backpackers. It includes trail recaps, gear reviews, recipes, and stories of some of the high (and possibly even low) points of navigating the wilderness of Southwestern British Columbia.

Born in southeastern British Columbia, Steve spent his early childhood staring up at the Rocky Mountains; at that young age he was instilled with that unique sense of wonder and excitement only achieved by being outdoors. Steve is continually amazed by the pageantry of Nature: its daily, seasonal and yearly cycles; its diversity of plants and animals; and its innate ability to amaze the fiercely jaded, and humble the fervently brave.

Driven by curiosity, Steve feels there is always something new to learn, and always another mountain to climb. Nothing can stop the inquisitive – except, perhaps, wet socks.
Always pack a dry pair of socks.

Steve can cook. Steve can be musical. Steve can walk and chew gum. Sometimes.

At young age Simone took her first steps on alpine terrain and knew she was somewhere special. Perhaps this was due to summer weekends spent hiking trails around Whistler, and a German heritage of wanderung, all swirled together with cinematic visions of the family Von Trapp crossing the Austrian Alps into Switzerland.

Simone considers her love of hiking to be a gift from her father, who taught her early on that the mountains are an inspiring and joyful place, that a hearty lunch on the trail is critical, and that nothing beats dipping weary feet into a clear mountain stream.

When not in the mountains or day dreaming about far-flung hiking destinations, Simone is a partner in a Vancouver communications firm.


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