Garibaldi / Diamond Head News

As a follow up to my weekend post on Diamond Head, I wanted to share a few news tidbits that we learned on our hike. These will be of interest to those who hike regularly in the area:

• New camping facilities are being constructed at Elfin Lakes, including raised wooden platforms for tents. The platforms face the mountain ridge in the east (See the picture. That’s my friend Adrienne standing on her head in front of said mountains). I can imagine the sunrise from there would be incredible.

• A new day shelter at Elfin Lakes is now complete.

• The old Diamond Head Chalet is now almost completely gone. Just one corner of the log structure remains.

• Nothing has change at the overnight shelter. Still feels as authentic as ever.

• The bridge over Ring Creek is out, so travel to Opal Cone and Mamquam Lake is not recommended. The Ranger told us that construction on the bridge is underway and should be finished soon. You can find updates on the bridge status at the Ministry of the Environment’s Trail Report here.